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Tcl Windows API  v.3.1.17

The Tcl Windows API or TWAPI, for short is an extension that provides Tcl bindings to over 500 functions in the Windows API. The extension provides access to the Windows API at two levels. A direct interface to the supported Windows API is provided

Managed Windows API  v.rc.0.3

A collection of .NET components that wrap PInvoke calls to access native API by managed

Tcl Windows API extension  v.3.1.17

Provides high level bindings to Windows APIs from the Tcl scripting

Windows Extension  v.1.0.48

Windows Extension, or WE, for short is designed as an Open Source encapsulation of Windows API. Currently, WE supports Win32, Win64, and WinCE. Alsom WE supports Visual C++ 6.0 (98), Visual C++ 7.1 (2003), Visual C++ 8.0 (2005), Visual C++ 9.0

Wine  v.1.3.37

Wine is an Open Source implementation of the Windows API on top of X and Unix. Think of Wine as a compatibility layer for running Windows programs. Wine does not require Microsoft Windows, as it is a completely free alternative implementation of

Graphics4VO (deutsch)  v.6.03

Graphics4VO is developed for use with CA-Visual Objects (Version 2.0 upto 2.8). It is based on 32-Bit-WINDOWS-API. The library allows development of graphics oriented CA-Visual Objects applications for 32-Bit Windows operating systems. The Graphics

Java Windows 7 UI  v.0.1

Binding Windows API to Java for the following features: - Progress bar in Win7

SWinC - Simple Windows Class  v.alpha.0.1.91

SWinC - Simple Windows Class is a lightweight c++ wrapper around the the window creation aspect of the Windows API. Although other wrappers exist, this is determined to be the simplest to learn and use while yet providing full control over your

WinBinder - A native PHP Windows binding  v.0.46.0

WinBinder is a new PHP extension that allows PHP programmers to build native Windows applications. It wraps the Windows API in a lightweight, easy-to-use library so that program creation is simple, quick and

Windows Abstraction Layer  v.8

The Windows Abstraction Layer (WAL) is meant to abstract the Windows API into an easy to use object oriented Windows GUI library, while still leaving the low level Windows API available as an option to the user should he/she need anything not

Windows Extension (WE)  v.1.0.48

The Windows Extension (WE) is an encapsulation of Windows API. The distinct features of WE are: 1. C++ interface; 2. simple interface for common usage, but advanced usage; 3. low coupling degree; 4. no framework, no

Wine API and related documentation  v.1.0

A wiki for the Wine API (as opposed to the Windows API), and related information.

Alban's X-Platform API  v.

Alban's X-Platform API implements the WIndows API into the KDE desktop on Linux systems. NTFSpath  v.0.1 beta

As you know length of path in NTFS file system may reach 32767 characters but most of functions in Windows API permit a maximum path length 260 characters. The NTFSpath library allows to work with a maximum path length 32,767 characters

Fun Visual Basic Projects  v.1

Fun Visual Basic Projects 1 is a professional and useful tool which contains six programs you can use for extended learning. The programs illustrate advanced uses of Visual Basic.Major Features:Topics covered include using the Windows API for timing

LearnAPI  v.2.1

Includes the code and a sample program to many useful Windows API settings. Learn how to find the current Windows version, the currently logged on user, how to launch programs and how to start the default Internet browser or e-mail program from


VISUAL BASIC 5/6 PROJECTS contains six programs you can use at home. The programs illustrate advanced uses of Visual Basic. Topics covered include using the Windows API for timing and sounds, input validation, printing, using multiple forms,

Visual Basic Express Projects  v.1.0

VISUAL BASIC EXPRESS PROJECTS contains six programs you can use at home. The programs illustrate advanced uses of Visual Basic Express for Windows applications. Topics covered include using the Windows API for timing, input validation, printing,


GXGPRS is a useful media component that provides you with an easy solution to send data using GPRS connection. GXGPRS component is made on the Windows API interface, is very efficient, light and fast. It doesn't require any external libraries or DLL

BTFileStream  v.1.0

The VCL TFiIestream class causes in some Delphi versions problems on big file sizes and file sharing modes. BTFileStream do not have this issues, provides a error handling close to the windows api and could be very useful if you have troubles with

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